Physical Plant Department

The University of Mississippi
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  • Mission, Vision and Values

    Our Mission

    The mission of the University of Mississippi Physical Plant Department is to develop, manage, maintain, repair and remodel the university’s infrastructure, facilities and environment; to manage, monitor and plan energy usage on campus; and to provide whatever assistance the university needs to complete its mission.

    Our Vision

    The vision of the University of Mississippi Physical Plant is to provide great customer service to a great public university and the university community.

    The Physical Plant organization is a team that

    • Promotes civility
    • Promotes mentoring
    • Encourages innovation
    • Trusts and empowers our staff
    • Has open communication
    • Assures confidentiality
    • Strives for excellence and effectiveness

    Our Values

    • To treat every member of the university community with courtesy, dignity and respect
    • To be honest and have integrity
    • To create and develop sustainability in staffing, policies and equipment
    • To be accountable for our actions and be good stewards of our personnel and resources
    • To create, promote and maintain a safe and healthy campus community