Physical Plant Department

The University of Mississippi

Additional Services


The University of Mississippi Physical Plant offers a recycling program within academic buildings and select athletics facilities across the Oxford campus. For more information, view the information sheet.

Service Station

The service station is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and repair of university vehicles and mobile equipment. Duties also include the operation of a full-service fueling station for university vehicles.

ADA Accommodations

The ADA accommodations that are addressed by the Physical Plant Department are physical barriers that hinder someone from participating in class, work or other functions that take place on the University of Mississippi campus. The task is to address and seek solutions to physical barriers as soon as they become known. Examples of solutions to physical barriers include, but are not limited to, ramp installations, restroom modifications, door modifications, door hardware replacement, elevator modifications, ADA lift installations, fire alarm modifications, telephone modifications and communication aids.

Forced Move

The Forced Move account is for departments that must be moved for reasons beyond their control. Forced moves are for upcoming renovations, space modifications, construction work, or any disruptions that are beyond the department’s control and would prevent the department from accomplishing its mission. When a department is relocated, either temporarily or permanently, it is moved to a location where it can fully or adequately fulfill its mission. The department is not charged for this type of move.

Rental of Tables and Chairs

Physical Plant has tables and chairs available for rent, and charges for pickup and delivery. If it is a weekend delivery, then charges will be assessed at a two-hour minimum. If tables and chairs are picked up and returned by the organization, then there are no charges.

Fire Services

Fire Services conducts building and facilities inspections once a year, concentrating on building evacuation plans, emergency exit lighting and clear passageways. Additionally, room occupancy and fire safety issues are included in this scope of work. Fire inspection reports are addressed to the vice chancellors associated with the buildings that house their respective academic deans, chairs and building mayors. The discrepancies will be reinspected.

Fire safety inspections are carried out and reports are maintained in accordance with the current International Fire Code and the NFPA codes. Copies of these reports are sent to the state fire marshal.

Fire drills and fire safety inspections are conducted once per semester for each dormitory in coordination with the director of housing or his/her representative. Fire drills and fire safety inspections are conducted once per semester for each on-campus Greek house.

Event inspections in university auditoriums and athletics facilities are conducted either by event or a scheduled facility inspection.

The following types of fire drills and safety programs are offered in the fire safety area:

  • Live evacuation fire drills for dormitories
  • Live evacuation fire drills for Greek houses
  • Fire and severe weather evacuation rules and procedures for the campus community
  • Fire safety training for freshman chemistry classes
  • Fire safety training for commercial cooking classes
  • Fire safety training by UM Fire Services and the Oxford Fire Department for Student Housing’s RAs
  • Fire safety training by UM Fire Services and the Oxford Fire Department for the leadership of Greek organizations

Safety & Training

The safety and training unit is tasked with employee development and training, promoting safe workplace practices, and maintaining a safe environment for work and study.

The safety component of this unit provides the following services to the campus community:

  • Indoor air quality
  • Asbestos assessment
  • Mold inspection/remediation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Van driver training